Political Thriller | 112 mins | 1999

Julie Mile is living in Mexico City with her husband and their 4-month-old daughter, when their calm life is suddenly torn apart in a roller coaster 48 hours.

Festivals & Awards

Winner Silver Ariel for Best Supporting Actor - Carlos Cobos, Ariel Awards Mexico
Winner Manual Barba Award - Jorge Ramirez Suarez, Huelva Latin American Film Festival
Winner Rail d'Oc - Jorge Ramirez Saurez, Toulouse Latin American Film Festival

Cast & Credits

Director: Jorge Ramirez-Suarez
Producer: Phil Hunt, Greg Cruttwell, Jorge Ramirez-Suarez
Writer: Jorge Ramirez-Suarez
Cast: Bruno Bichir, Lorraine Pilkington, Jesus Ochoa, Adam Kotz, Alvaro Guerrero, Rodrigo Murray, Emma Cuniffe


Happy and in love, Julie is a young British woman who lives in Mexico City with her husband Antonio and their baby girl Ana. An ordinary middle-class couple, excited about building their own house on the plot of land they plan to buy, they are about to be thrown into a dark and criminal world which they don’t understand.

Corruption seethes all around and, unknown to them, the acquaintance from whom they buy the land is orchestrating a political crime – an assassination by Mexican government officials which goes drastically wrong. The press clamours for answers and the government needs someone to blame. The perfect scapegoat is Antonio.