A contemporary Re-telling of Shakespeare's Measure for Measure. An unlikely romance ignites between a young immigrant muslim girl and a young musician, set against Melbourne's notorious commission flats, where a world of crime, drugs, and racial disharmony reign….

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An Unlikely Love Ignites Between a Modern Muslim Girl and Local Musician Amongst the Background of Racial Tension, Amphetamines and Gang Culture in the City’s Notorious Housing Estate.
Inspired by SHAKESPEARE’s Play Measure for Measure. Influenced by the gritty realism of films like Amores Perros, the social conscience of Fishtank and dynamic aesthetic of Un Prophete, “Measure for Measure” serves in questioning the notion of justice, ability for redemption and desire for power and allows the examination of the suggestion that ‘We can never escape our true nature or where we are from despite our attempts’. “Measure For Measure” is also a raw study of the most basic and yet most complex of our emotions, Love…. how we react when we find it, and how far we would go to keep it.