Black Comedy | 98 mins | 2001

In a suburban flat, loner Donald Leek awaits a sexual encounter with Julie Andrews but instead finds Jesus Christ sitting on his sofa.

Cast & Credits

Director: Greg Cruttwell
Producer: Phil Hunt
Writer: Greg Cruttwell
Cast: David Threlfall, Alison Steadman, Nicola Stapleton, David Schofield, Colin McFarlane


Fitness fanatic, Donald Leek, indulges in a monthly Chunky Monkey experience with songstress, Julie Andrews, who he’s expecting at 7:30pm. Before she arrives however, he has to dispose of the body parts of Mr Azam, manager of his favourite Indian restaurant, who has neglected to send him a Christmas card. He is interrupted by a peculiar assortment of unwelcome visitors, amongst them Jesus Christ and a one-testicled self-made millionaire. Each one is as unhinged as their host, who retaliates to the intrusion in extreme fashion.

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